by Nakia P. Thomas
September 23

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Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 6Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 1Evoking the delicate floral sweetness of white peaches and fragrant citrus notes of orange blossoms, Caress® Daily Silk™ body wash and beauty bar provide a sensory escape from the daily grind, infusing the most mundane of routines with indulgent fragrances that are at once soothing and invigorating.

Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 8Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 10Asked to review Caress® Daily Silk™ products, I  was happy to shake up my toilette by swapping out my usual bath time favorites, for Caress®’ White Peach & Silky Orange Blossom body wash. I also used the beauty bar in place of my go-to facial cleanser.

Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 7Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 3Body Wash

Lightly viscous and containing ingredients like hydrolyzed silk, the body wash has a silken satiny finish. My skin felt supple and moisturized after using, but not oily–even tough Caress®’ Daily Silk™ body wash contains essential oils like soybean oil, sunflower seed oil and orange flower oil. Like most good cleansers, a little bit goes a long way–I used just a dollop of Caress®’ Daily Silk™ silkening  body wash for a rich soapy lather (that was decadent enough for several shower sessions) right before bed and still smelled faintly of flowers the next morning!

Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 4Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 5Beauty Bar

Unlike the body wash, Caress® Daily Silk ™ beauty bar does not contain oils and washes away cleanly, without stripping my face. Note that the beauty bar is highly fragrant and is not for those with a sensitivity to smells or heavy perfumes (the fragrance in the body wash is a bit subtler than that of the beauty bar).  This is probably not the kind of soap your boyfriend will reach for, unless he likes trailing a bouquet of delicious floral and fruity notes in his wake. Caress®’ Daily Silk body wash and beauty bar is strictly for those who wouldn’t mind having their pampering routine feel like an intoxicating exotic escape.

Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 9Caress Daily Silk | StyleChile 2Go ahead, shake things up. Luxuriate in a silken shower with Caress®’ Daily Silk body wash or beauty bar for a refreshing start to your day (or for an afternoon pick-me-up, or as the foundation for a fun night). I’m now a believer, and will be adding Caress® Daily Silk body wash and beauty bar to my bath time routine. Treat yourself to the alluring fragrance of Caress® Daily Silk™ every day and feel truly irresistible. Tell ’em I sent ya!

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