by Nakia P. Thomas
November 7

Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-3 Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-4A couple of weekends ago, good friends and I headed to the Garden State of New Jersey to enjoy a few days in the great outdoors. While the main purpose of the trip was orienteering—a sport requiring exceptional navigational skills, and proficiency with a map and compass, typically in an unfamiliar setting (read: the woods), and borne out of land navigation exercises for military officers—I  knew, and forewarned everyone, that I would not participate in any orienteering activity after my chance (and first, hopefully last, real life) encounter with one of my greatest fears —a snake—during last year’s orienteering trip.Lake House | StyleChile | Life, StyledLake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-5I had it all planned: I had work to do, plus I had aspirations of reading an entire book (Gone Girl, cray!), and I would use the beautiful surroundings as a backdrop while I practiced using the self-timer feature on my Nikon DSLR. My excuses were canned and ready, just in case our host—an orienteering enthusiast, and weekend thrill seeker, among other things—insist that I join the group.

Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-2These Rockport “Courtlyn” Fur Low suede ankle boot, were super comfy. Rockports are made with adiPRENE by Adidas cushioning to protect the heel at impact.

Lake House | StyleChile | Life, StyledAlthough orienteering was a no-go, I did spend many hours hiking in the Pyramid Mountains, only because that didn’t require moving at the frenetic pace necessary for competitive orienteering—thereby reducing my risk of stepping on a viper. Regarding orienteering, the excuses explanation above came in handy, but my grand plans to become expert in self-timing were aborted as my battery camera died just minutes before my big shoot. Karma will get you every time.DSC_0480

DSC_0484  DSC_0482Fortunately for me, our host didn’t take my refusal too personally, and, feeling refreshed after a morning of orienteering (which he won, no doubt), agreed to shoot me with his Canon. He also insisted on styling the shoot (as in: “one-oar not two,” and “go stand by the BBQ,” and “more of your face”, always “more of your face”) and I let him—I bit my tongue, tried my best to stay mum and grateful. Good thing too, because look at these pics! The photos from that shoot are depicted here, and just barely captures the glorious feeling of being ensconced in the woods, in a cozy lake house with nothing to do except whiling the day away cooking, voluntary cleaning, tending the fire, blogging, reading, styling a photo shoot and a bit of relaxing with amazing friends!DSC_0490 DSC_0534DSC_0513Visit the gallery below for more photos of Green Pond, Pyramid Mountains and environs.

Blanket Cape: H&M (alternatives: ASOSBurberry) | Shorts: Zara (alternatives: Current/Elliott + Alice + Olivia | Boots: Rockport, available in multiple colors here | Sunnies: Tom Ford from Philadelphia’s Blink Optical

Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-8 Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-9   Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-5 Lake House | StyleChile | Life, Styled-6Article by Naki. Photos of Naki by Jeremy Colgan. Behind-the-scenes photos by Akua Asare. Remaining Photos by Naki.

Nakia works as a corporate lawyer for a Fortune 500 company, and as a fashion and lifestyle consultant — providing styling, lifestyle management and concierge services for brands and individuals along the Northeast Corridor, from her home base in New York City via Nakia Thomas Creative. Nakia also provides legal and advisory services to clients in the fashion, art and entertainment industries via Stelle Legal, and appears in that capacity as a cast member in WeTv’s Money.Power.Respect., a docu-series focusing on lawyers in New York City. Nakia is a member of the Board of Directors of Bronx Legal Services, and was previously on an Advisory Board for Moore College of Art & Design. Visit for more information.

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